5020 Mayberry Drive

5020 Mayberry Drive

35,000 SF

–  Zoning is Washoe County LDS, 35,000 SF minimum lot size, 30′ front and rear setbacks, 12′ side setbacks.

–  .72 Acre Feet of water has been dedicated to this site.  If, after 3 years of metered use, water usage is less, the excess water rights can be sold back to TMWA.  All storage and treatment fees have been paid.  Water meter is on site.

–  Sewer is stubbed to the pad site.  All sewer connection fees have been paid.

–  Natural gas line is on site.

–  Electricity is on a pole on site the site.  Transformer costs will be shared.

–  Telephone and cable are on a pole on the site.

–  City of Reno approved driveway apron has been installed.


–  Parcel Map

–  Site Improvement Plans

–  Annotated Site Plan

–  1/8″ Scale Pad Plan

–  Offer / Acceptance Agreement

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